Art-to-Go Boxes

People with cancer have to socially isolate due to their compromised immune systems. COVID 19 has heightened this isolation and left many feeling lonely and with no outlet to reduce stress. Living Proof Exhibit invites you to help reduce the stress of isolation by mailing an art-to-go watercolor box to anyone living with cancer.


Each box contains water color pencils, a brush and artwork to paint. Order a box for yourself or a loved one, or you can let us choose someone in need. Pay just $6 shipping for each box and we do the rest!


Click the Register link below and fill in your name and address in the "Contact" fields. Add the names and addresses of people you would like to receive boxes. If you would simply like to donate a box to someone impacted by cancer, choose "yes" in the space provided, and we will send to a local cancer patient.

If you have been impacted by cancer and would like to receive a complimentary box so you can create in the safety of your own home, please fill out this form.