1) Coffee Chaos.JPG

Coffee Chaos Basket

2) Aspiring Artist.JPG

Aspiring Artist Basket

3) Pajamas All Day.JPG

Pajamas All Day Basket

4) Study in Brown.JPG

Study in Brown

5) Bourbon Basket.JPG

Bourbon Basket

6) Whimsy.jpg


7) I Love Books.JPG

I Love Books Basket

8) In the Pink (Wine, That Is!).JPG

In the Pink (Wine, That Is!) Basket

9) A Basket of Hugs.JPG

Basket of Hugs

10) QCSO.jpg


11) Family Fun.JPG

Family Fun Basket

12) Nights on the Town.JPG

Nights on the Town Basket

13) Life in Venice.JPG

Life in Venice

14) Thankful.JPG

Thankful Basket

15) Hot Mess.JPG

Hot Mess Basket

16) Colorful Purple.JPG

Colorful Purple

17) Oakwood Country Club.JPG


18) Iowa Coffee.JPG

Iowa Coffee

19) Margarita Fiesta.JPG

Margarita Fiesta Basket

20) Embracing Love.JPG

Embracing Love

21) Summertime Wine.JPG

Summertime Wine Basket

22) Patriotic Pooches.JPG

Patriotic Pooches Basket

23) QC Museum Funbundle.JPG

QC Museum Funbundle

24) Free Range Chicken.jpeg

Free Range Chicken

25) Easter Stories.JPG

Easter Stories Basket

26) Short Hills Country Club.jpeg

Foursome at Short Hills

27) Mixology.JPG

Mixology Basket

28) Today is....JPG

Today is. . .Basket

29) Lily Pad with Water Lily.jpg

Lily Pad with Water Lily

30) Cheers to Beer.JPG

Cheers to Beer Basket

31) Sunset Cruise Certificate 2021.png

Sunset Cruise on the Mississippi

32) Holiday Kitchen Tools.JPG

Holiday Kitchen Tools Basket

33) Cold Outside, Busy Inside.JPG

Cold Outside, Busy Inside Basket

34) Etched Murrini Vase.JPG

Etched Murrini Vase

35) Blue Sky Vibes pendant.jpeg

Blue Sky Vibes Pendant

36) Champagne Anyone.JPG

Champagne Anyone? Basket

37) Fabulous Figge.JPG

Fabulous Figge

38) Life is Good.JPG

Life Is Good

39) Friends.JPG

Friends Basket

40) Cat in the Box.jpg

Cat in the Box

41) Abstract Hummingbird.jpg

Abstract Hummingbird

42) Mr. Hoople.jpg

Mr. Hoople

Click here to see detailed descriptions and to bid between Tuesday, August 17, at 6 pm and Saturday, August 21, at 6 pm.