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Living Proof Exhibit created Rompecabezas de curación para el cáncer de la paciencia (Healing Puzzles for cancer patience) (funded by Komen Quad Cities), distributed throughout the Quad Cities and Muscatine to reach the Hispanic/Latina breast cancer communities. Research shows that as the caregivers of their families, Hispanic/Latina women typically do not care for themselves when they get ill. Jigsaw puzzles offer the opportunity for social workers to begin conversations about cancer with

these women over a non-threatening activity. Additionally, the puzzles allow those affected by cancer to participate in an engaging activity, either alone or with family members, during their cancer journey.


Coming soon are coloring books (funded through Quad City Arts Dollars) filled with work created by

survivors that will be distributed throughout the Quad-Cities including to infusion centers. When a

cancer patient is receiving several hours of treatment, the relaxing exercise of coloring will help them

through the treatments. The fact that the books are filled with work created by survivors will help them

realize that there is hope as they face each challenge.


Partnering with the Azubuike African American Arts Council, Living Proof Exhibit sponsored “Wrapping Ourselves in God's Love,” a quilting project that provided creative sessions for African American breast cancer survivors (funded by Komen Quad Cities). As the participants created their survivors' story quilt, we discovered the need for a support group specifically for African American women. 


This group completed its second project, "Embracing the Sunrise of Each New Day," a compilation book of stories of survival (funded by Komen Quad Cities) that they will share with future breast cancer patients.

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