Sharing with Ourselves Series

Join us for a two part series led by Ryan Collins, author, professor, and Executive Director of the Midwest Writing Center. Please note: you do not need to have attended part 1 to join us for part 2! All are welcome at any time. 


Too often, the simple act of writing gets associated only with tasks, with have-to’s instead of want-to’s—only with work and not enough with self-expression and exploration. In this two-part workshop, we'll explore the ways simple writing practices can help open our attention and creativity, and discover gifts in our daily lives—from both the outside world and our attention to it, as well as our interior lives, which too often we are not encouraged enough to explore. Writing will be used as a catalyst to bring these to spaces together in a more calming and satisfying way in our everyday lives.  


We will do some writing together and take away some new practices after the first meeting, which we’ll then share and discuss with each other at the second meeting. No writing experience needed—just something to write with, something to write on, and a healthy dose of curiosity.  


This Creative Session series is made possible by the Scott County Regional Authority,  the Iowa Cancer Consortium, and the Iowa Department of Public Health.