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Close shave

Before I started chemotherapy, I cut my long curly hair as short as possible. I wanted to donate my hair to wigs for kids and so off it went. I couldn’t bear to shave my head. I have a round face and knew that bald was not going to be a good look for me. Have you ever seen that old Star Trek episode where Kirk runs across telepathic aliens (not the blue alien he ends up cavorting with, the high-foreheaded, big-eyed creepy looking aliens. That’s me bald. Except not telepathic.

A friend gave me a pink cap to wear to bed. At first I thought it was to keep my head warm. Then my hair started falling out. Emptying the cap in the morning was a lot more efficient than sweeping off my pillowcase. Even though you know it’s going to happen, the first time you lose handfuls of hair in the shower, it’s a shock.

I decided to come up with a top ten list of positive reasons for losing your hair.

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