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Top Ten reasons to enjoy hair loss during chemotherapy

Comparing bald heads with my brother

10. No more pesky eyelashes falling in your eyes.

9. Won't have to shave your legs the entire summer.

8. Your wig will never have a bad hair day.

7. No nose hairs. Metrosexual men can put away their clippers from Sharper Image.

6. You will join the sexy ranks of Vin Diesel or Persis Khambatta....or go into politics

like Jesse Ventura...or star as DC Comics characters Jinx and Says (New Earth).

5. You get to wear really fun hats.

4. Your kids can play tic-tac-toe on your head during long car rides.

3. Baby soft arms

2. No worries about bleached hair turning green in chlorinated water.

1. Two words: painless Brazillian!

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