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Be Your Own Motivation

It’s so important to have a good support system and to surround yourself with others who love you, motivate you, and lift you up. However, it’s even more important to do those very same things to yourself. This project is all about being your own motivation on the days that you need it (or even on the days that you don’t need it but would appreciate kind words FROM you, TO you).


- 1-2 sheets of paper

- Scissors

- A writing utensil of your choice

- An object that will hold small notes (a jar, vase, box, bag, cup, etc.)

Step 1: Begin writing a note to yourself. This can be as simple as “You can do it. Keep going.” Or, it can be longer, heartfelt quotes written by you or by famous individuals who have said those words.

Step 2: Once you’ve finished writing your note, cut out the quote on the paper.

Step 3: Once you’ve finished cutting the quote, fold that cut out piece of paper in half. Set it aside.

Repeat this process. However many quotes you want to write is up to you, but it would be smart to create at least 10-20. This way, you’ll have multiple notes from yourself to look forward to opening as each new day passes.

Step 4: After all of your quotes have been written, cut, and folded, place all of them into the object you chose. As you can see, I’ve chosen a jar labeled “Be Your Own Motivation.” Feel free to label your object if you choose!

And just like that... you have a way to motivate yourself each day. Not only will this increase your self-esteem and motivation, but it will also increase the love you have for your own self. It’s so important to love yourself on both the good and the bad days, so my hope is that this project will help you to do just that.

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