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Draw to Music

Music of any genre typically elicits emotions from the individual listening to it. This, of course, may depend on the mood you’re in when listening to or deciding to listen to a particular song. For this exercise, you’re going to choose an instrumental song of your choice. This is going to be music that has no lyrics in it and it can be from any genre - classical, acoustic, piano, ambient, etc. Soft rhythmic music may lead you to draw waves or loops, while fast-paced music may lead you to draw harsh, sharp edged drawings. It’s important to do this with instrumental music because lyrics can pose as a distraction. Allowing yourself to listen to strictly instrumental music reduces stress and promotes creativity of your finished drawing.

This can be done as an individual or a group project (if this is done as a group project, listen to the same song as one group. It’s fun to see everyone’s dierent drawing interpretations at the end!)

The point of this project is to allow yourself to indulge in your own creativity without any strict rules or instructions.

Supplies: - Blank sheet of paper

- Any writing utensil of your choice

- A speaker or any device that can play music based o of Internet search OR smartphone apps that can play your desired music

- **Optional: Colored markers, pencils, or crayons

Step 1: Choose the song you will draw to. This can be done via Internet searching or through utilization of music apps on your smartphone. Whichever is available to you!

Step 2: Once the song starts, take a few moments to listen to the beginning of it. If it feels comfortable, close your eyes and really think about how this song is making you feel.

Step 3: Begin drawing. It can be of a place that the music reminds you of, certain objects, or even just patterns that you feel the song elicits. If available to you, feel free to use colors to enhance the drawing and the message that the song is telling you (i.e., yellow color scheme for uplifting, happy, dark blue color schemes for sad music)

As mentioned before, if you are doing this as part of a group project, feel free to share with one another the drawings you created and explain why you drew whatever it is you felt. It’s amazing to see the different effects that music can have on us, and this project gives you a tangible visualization of that!

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