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Drawing An Emotion

If you could draw or color what “happiness” looks like, how would you draw it? This art project focuses on increasing your creativity, empathy, and imagination. Obviously, emotions are not physical or tangible things; they are things that we as human beings feel. But if emotions were physical/tangible, what do you think they would look like? For some, the emotion of happiness may look like a walk on the beach with their dog. For others, it may be as simple as bright colored shapes or patterns, or even just one color that could represent that emotion.

Ideas for different emotions: confused

happy scared proud sad love excited


By no means do you need to choose from this list, but I thought I would provide some ideas! This art project is pretty self-explanatory so there’s no step-by-step directions. Just choose an emotion (or two), and start drawing/coloring!

You will need just a few supplies:

  • Paper

  • Pen, pencil, or marker (if you have paint & paint brushes available to you, feel free to use that as well!)

  • Colored markers, pencils, or crayons

I hope this project releases your imaginative and creative side!

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