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Give hope and healing this holiday season!

Every year, our exhibition, "A Visualization of Hope," gives cancer survivors a chance to show our community the hope, healing, and peace that the arts can bring to someone living with a cancer diagnosis. Over 20 different artists living within 250 miles of the Quad Cities exhibit each year. Living Proof Exhibit continues to bring the therapeutic benefits of the arts to people impacted by cancer.

Last spring, I was contacted by Dan. Diagnosed with cancer during the pandemic, Dan underwent treatment soon after. His diagnosis, and subsequent treatments, made him feel isolated at a time when we were all already feeling isolated.

Dan reached out to Living Proof Exhibit about how he could submit his artwork to our 2021 exhibition at the University of Dubuque. We spent about 30 minutes on the phone, going through his work and sharing stories. Dan, his voice thick with emotion, went on to thank me for listening to his stories and for giving him the opportunity to share his work. We were both emotional as we ended the call, but I knew that we’d helped Dan find a way to share his story, and the joy that art brings him, with our community.

Some artists aren’t great at putting their journeys into words, but give them a paintbrush, or (in Dan’s case) a hammer and a copper sheet, and you can visualize their struggles and triumphs as they learn to live with cancer. Dan, like many of our participants, sees his art as a way to create balance in his life and lift the weight that cancer creates.

Will you please make a gift of $32 to Living Proof Exhibit to keep our creative community thriving and growing well into 2022 and beyond? With your help, we can reach 8,000 people each year with art-to-go projects, virtual tours, annual exhibitions, and monthly Creative Sessions.

Please join me in making a gift to help Living Proof Exhibit continue our good work in 2022. Visit our donation page to make your gift today!

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