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Volunteer From Home and Help Those Impacted by Cancer

As our nation is faced with the coronavirus, cancer patients, survivors, and their families are filled with an additional concern. We are sending healing thoughts to all!

Staying with our mission to provide the therapeutic benefits of the arts to people impacted by cancer, we believe that we can extend this healing power to you and your family as we grapple with the impact of the coronavirus. In turn, you will help those impacted by cancer. A win-win during this challenging time.

Make Hope Soar

We're introducing The Birdhouse Project, a community-wide program to create birdhouses for cancer patients and those impacted by cancer. This is a project you can do in the comfort of your home as we practice social distancing.

Painted and decorated by you, these birdhouses will be distributed throughout the Quad Cities in Iowa and Illinois to people who have been touched by cancer. The birdhouses might go to a patient, to someone who has a loved one dealing with cancer, or to someone who works at one of the cancer centers.

Here's how all ages can participate:

  1. Purchase a birdhouse online or at a local hobby store, or build your own. (Birdhouses should be no larger than a 4 to 5-inch square base.) If you order from Amazon to avoid leaving your house, please note they are prioritizing their shipping to essential items.

  2. Your birdhouse can be an ornament or freestanding.

  3. Decorate your birdhouse in any fashion -- paint, paper, bedazzling -- the only limit is your imagination! No special talents needed!

  4. Write a message of encouragement on the underside of the birdhouse such as "Sending warm thoughts", "Thinking gently of your health", or "You are loved." Please don't use "Get well soon" as the artwork may be shared with a child of a patient or a caregiver.

  5. The birdhouses will be on display during the opening celebration of our 10th annual exhibition of cancer survivor art at the Figge Art Museum on Thursday, September 24 from 6 to 9 p.m. Stay tuned for updates. Depending on COVID-19 circumstances, the display may be virtual.

We encourage you to get your children involved and enhance their learning at home:

  1. Measure the birdhouse, identify the shape

  2. Discuss what kind of birds could live in the size chosen

  3. Search for unique items in your home that could be used to decorate the house

  4. Take a nature walk and find items to decorate with such as leaves, acorns, sticks, and more

Delivering Your Birdhouse

If you are local, you can drop off your completed birdhouses may be dropped off at Bullseye Direct Mail 1320 W. Kimberly Rd, Suite 11, Davenport. They are open M-F 8AM - 4:30PM.

All birdhouses must be delivered by Friday, September 18, to be included in the show. After the show, these projects will be shared with patients, survivors, and caregivers. Your messages of hope will certainly bring a smile!

Let Us Know You Are Participating

If you know you are participating, please email us. This will allow us to reach out to let you know when it's safe to drop off or ship your projects. We can also make suggestions of where you can deliver the birdhouse in your community if you would like to keep them local.

During this time of uncertainty, thank you for thinking of the health and well-being of your friends, neighbors, and loved ones. And may you feel the healing powers of the arts as you create your projects!


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