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Monthly Mood Tracker

Tracking your mood every day is a very therapeutic way to get in touch with your feelings. This is something that I personally have started doing recently, and it’s great to reflect on how you felt every day as the weeks pass by. It’s a very simple and easy habit to get into as well, and you can also create your mood tracker in any way that you please! Here are some examples of mood trackers that I’ve made in anticipation of the coming months:

The supplies: - Paper (You can choose to create your mood tracker on a loose leaf sheet of paper OR if you have a notebook you would like to use, feel free to use that!) - Pen/Pencil - Colored markers, pens, pencils, or crayons - A calendar

Step 1: Take a look at the month you are making a mood tracker for. Double check to make sure you know how many days are in the month you choose

Step 2: Figure out the different emotions you will be able to choose from each day as well as the colors assigned to those emotions. You can list however many you’d like. See pictures above for examples!

Step 3: Begin drawing your mood tracker. It can be in the form of a chart, a circle with categories, or just shapes. (Tip: It’s fun to get creative and come up with a theme for each month. For example, your mood tracker for the month of October might be a bunch of pumpkins representing each day with the date inside of it)

I highly recommend making these trackers for every month if you have the time. Reflecting on moments of impact each month and how those moments made you feel is both healing and powerful for your emotional and physical wellbeing. Happy mood tracking!

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