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We’re going to get a little more “artsy” with this project as we will be painting vases! Not only is this a non-expensive project, but it’s also an opportunity to practice your painting skills, release some creativity, and let the act of painting bring you a sense of calm. Depending on the vase you choose, the final product can be used as the traditional flower vase, a simple tabletop decoration, and so much more. All of the supplies listed below can be purchased at a dollar store (Dollar Tree, Dollar General, etc).

Supplies: - Paint (Acrylic paint is what I will be working with today)

-You can choose to stick with just one color or multiple colors of course

- Paint brush/paint brushes

- Paper towels

- A glass vase (any shape or size you prefer)

- 2 paper plates (one for your vase, and one for your “paint palette” if needed)

Step 1: Find a space where you have plenty of room to lay down paper towels. The paper towels will prevent your chosen area from getting paint everywhere.

Step 2: Set up your paint station. Squeeze your paint out onto one of the paper plates and use it as your paint palette if needed.

Step 3: Set up your vase onto the other paper plate, flipping it upside down. Get a good look at the vase and decide if you want it to be all one color, multi-colored, or if you want to create any designs on it.

- Friendly reminder: if you’re using multiple colors, make sure to switch brushes!

Step 4: Dip your brush and start painting! - Try to create even strokes of paint as you go through this, but don’t worry too much about perfection. Vases can be abstract, simple, crazy, or painted with complex designs. IF you are doing a pattern or a design, of course, make sure that the first coat of paint has fully dried.

I chose a very simplistic way of painting my vase only because I loved the pink color so much. I may add a white floral design later on once it dries but for now, this is it!

Happy painting :)

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