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Your Answers Are Your Story - Written Art Project

I recently saw a video of a creator asking 5 questions and using the answers to those questions to create a story. Seeing this inspired me to pass the idea along to this site because I thought it was such a simple yet creative way to use your own personal experiences to create some of the best forms of art: written poems, stories, and songs. The best part about this is the amount of freedom you have in creating your personalized story.

Supplies: All you need for this project is a pen and paper! Typing it on your phone or a computer is acceptable as well. To start off, answer these 5 questions (feel free to write the answers down in case you forget):

  1. What is the strongest emotion you’ve felt in the last 24 hours?

  2. If you were a piece of food, what would you be?

  3. What time of day are you? (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Late Night, etc.)

  4. What is something that you miss?

  5. What is a sound that you love?

Now, look back at your answers to these questions. You can now create a poem, a story, or a song using the answers you provided above. A poem does not have to rhyme, a story does not have to be long, and a song doesn’t even need to have a tune as long as there are lyrics! As mentioned before, there is a lot of freedom with this project and you are free to create in any form you’d like. Happy creating!

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