Telling our stories is an essential way that we humans communicate. Writing helps us understand our experiences and gain perspective on powerful emotions. Often, writing to share our experiences can teach, encourage, inspire, and help others heal, too. Join us as we explore the therapeutic power of stories—real, made-up, or something in between—and the ways we can shape our stories to heal, inspire, uplift, or sometimes just make it through.


This Creative Session will take place on Saturday, November 6 at 1 PM. Misty Urban is a fiction writer, medieval scholar, former college professor, and freelance editor. She is currently creative nonfiction editor for New Flash Fiction Review, president of Writers on the Avenue, and on the board of the Midwest Writing Center. She lives and writes in Muscatine.

Support for this session was provided by Humanities Iowa. The journals were created with support for the Scott County Regional Authority and Iowa Cancer Consortium.