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Escape with Us

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Take a virtual tour of art created by cancer survivors, listen to music performed by a Living Proof Exhibit board member, watch one of our Creative sessions and learn a new art medium, or learn how to use Haiku to reduce stress on the Living Proof Exhibit YouTube Channel. 


Above all, breathe. Remember that we are here to help you find ways to reduce the stress associated with a cancer diagnosis. Contact us at if you have any questions.

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QCSO Rewind takes you back to March 8, 2020, for this joyful performance of the Sanctus from Verdi's magnificent Requiem.

QCSO Rewind YouTube Channel

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The Figge’s mission to bring art and people together continues through in-person and online offerings. We aspire to connect and interact in whatever way makes you most comfortable. Stay engaged with the Figge by scheduling an in-person visit or explore our virtual offerings from the comfort of home.

Figge Art Museum Virtual Museum

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Quad City Botanical Center | Bringing People and Plants Together

Take a virtual tour of our Winter Nights Winter Lights exhibit or walk through our Sun Garden with Mr. Greg for a more tropical feel. Learn how to build a terrarium or vermicompost bin.

Quad City Botanical Center YouTube Channel


Learn how to identify the bird calls you may hear in your own backyard or on your next walk. Relax with botanical-themed coloring pages featuring succulents, wildflowers and garden animals.

Botanical-themed Coloring Pages

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